An Early April Fool’s Reflection

The last three weeks have been chaotic:  on top of school, the daily routines of life, and other chores, there was the Brahms concerto, Bruch Scottish Fantasy, and the Franck sonata, among others.  There were two weeks of impossibly gorgeous weather (one in CA, and one in Cleveland).  Concerts were plentiful, between the various Cleveland Institute of Music concerts (including my best friend, Charlie, playing the Barber cello concerto this upcoming week)–concerts with Sergey Khachatryan and Julia Fischer that went marvelously;  preparing for graduation and upcoming concerts this month (Fein, Saint-Saens, Tchaikovsky, Grieg, Franck, Bach…), and three mandatory performances this month that are must-sees:  Emmanuel Ax playing Brahms, Christina Aguilera’s Back to Basics tour, and Linda Eder.  My head is swimming with things to do…don’t even get me started on my laundry or dishes chores.  Actually, an unexpected visitor tonight did wonders to relieve stress:  a lovely neighborhood calico stopped by (yes, sporting a flea collar!), and provided entertainment for awhile, albeit after I provided him with a bowl of milk.  The whole finishing-up-school thing is proving to be a stress factor, rather than a relief, but it looks as though this summer will be productive and plenty busy.  I will certainly miss my family/roommates/friends when I move out of Cleveland this summer–especially those plentiful wine and cheese evenings, lowkey and not-so-lowkey nights, and just spending many hours enjoying each other’s company.  This is turning into quite the melancholy, reflective post, but it has been on my mind recently.

I realized that I failed to write about the Brahms evening.  Maestro Dettloff was a great time to work with, especially as I have known him for years, and after an unsteady dress rehearsal, the concert was a success, and I’m looking forward to playing with them next season (perhaps Tchaikovsky concerto).  Actually, the orchestra board members were exceedingly nice, and went out of their way a couple of different moments that evening–very appreciated!!!  A few days after the Brahms, I played a brief recital with Anita Pontremoli, an absolute dream of a collaborative pianist, with Franck and Kreisler in Cleveland Heights.

I’m tired.  i think that some coronas and limes are in order for this evening with some friends, and I’ll resume thinking about music tomorrow, while I do laundry and errands, no doubt!

A safe and happy April Fool’s to all!  :)

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