Program Notes

When I play concerti with orchestra, I so rarely get the chance to present my own program notes, as I can typically do in a recital setting.  I am in the process of researching the Mozart K. 301-306 sonatas, Grieg, Franck, and some showpieces, and I came across some notes from 3 years ago when I had my first opportunity to write the background for a concerto performance.

Three years ago (March and April 2004), I played the Saint-Saens b minor Concerto with Liza Grossman conducting the Contemporary Youth Orchestra, a collaboration that is still very vivid in my memory.  It was a learning process and nostalgic at the same time, as I began lessons with Liza about fifteen years ago.  She is now heard on CD/DVD from Malibu to London, and is quickly building a name for herself and the Contemporary Youth Orchestra.  In rehearsing for the the Saint-Saens performances, Liza had a stipulation for me:  I must write my own program notes.  In poring over several essays on Saint-Saens, the concerto, and the violin world in the 1880’s, I quickly discovered that I really didn’t have any background information on the concerto to help solidify any sort of an interpretation I was gathering at that time.  So, thanks to Liza’s insistence, I was able to grow and mature with the piece with extensive research and listening to many interpretations.  Below are the notes.  Enjoy!  :)

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