Moving Apartments; Beethoven Violin Concerto; Graduation/Birthdays

Capping off a stressful spring has been a busy May. My apartment lease is up in about 120 hours, I haven’t moved a thing, and the place has music, clothes, and dvds strewn everywhere. I played a couple times this week at the Cleveland Botanical Gardens Biannual Flower Show, in arguably the most beautiful setting in Cleveland (well, there isn’t much competition), and have been working assiduously on the Beethoven concerto. It’s a daunting work…at times with this concerto, I feel as though I have dug myself into a hole and forgot to bring the ladder down with me. I’m giving myself close to a year to become fully comfortable with it before playing it with orchestra, as (I’m stating the obvious here) one shouldn’t take Beethoven Op. 61 lightly. Additionally, I am going to begin practicing piano again, as I am accompanying the studio of my first violin teacher at their recital downtown in a couple weeks. I have always enjoyed wearing the hat of a pianist, as I get that opportunity so infrequently. In two months, I move out of Cleveland, though I haven’t settled on an apartment yet…I must get on that! I’m going to miss the familiar sights and sounds of this…unique city. I will especially miss those associated with the orchestra and institute…it’s certainly a close-knit community. Graduation was just held, and I enjoyed walking across the stage in a cap and gown. Saying goodbye to the Institute and ENCORE will be hard. This may potentially be the last summer for the ENCORE School for Strings, and that in and of itself is astronomical–the festival that David and Linda Cerone founded during the summer of 1985 has been a training ground for a veritable “who’s who” of violinists: Leila Josefowicz, Hilary Hahn, Stefan Jackiw, Lara St. John, Ellen dePasquale, Robert Chen, Ryu Goto, Sheryl Staples…the list is endless. Before ENCORE begins though, I have a birthday, and I am deciding on how it will be different from any other. Hopefully the “National Enquirer” won’t carry the details!!! Anyways, my birthday coincides with a certain celebutante/socialite beginning a prison sentence, so I doubt anything will top that…Anyways, this post is rambling, but I wish everyone well, and hope that the transition into summer is painless and enjoyable!

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