Andrew Does Dallas

Hello all!  I have now been in Dallas, Texas for three weeks now, and am really enjoying myself.  It’s been quite interesting exploring various sections of Dallas–the culture, vibe, and city “personality” is, of course, quite different from Northern customs, and I’m embracing the change.  Southern hospitality is not a myth, the people here are exceedingly friendly, and the city stays out later than 10 pm during the week!  I have met a really fun group of people, and enjoy taking advantage of many of the resources in the area (not to mention the outdoor pool, neighboring sushi cafe, and stellar facilities).

It’s shaping up to be a busy season, and I’m looking forward to the opportunities I have this coming year.  For starters, I’m rekindling my trio (with Charlie Tyler and Liz DeMio), and we will be playing again in 2008;  Anita Pontremoli and I are going to be performing the Brahms sonata cycle, which is an event I have been looking forward to for quite some time;  and playing the Beethoven concerto for the first time next month is a landmark event in my personal growth as a violinist and musician.  Working here with Chee-Yun has really opened my eyes to a different way of playing, and teaching a bit just reinforces various ideas I have about the repertoire (and playing in general).  Everyone please send a good vibe Chee-Yun’s way, as she was injured in an accident and can’t play for some time–a travesty for the orchestras and audiences that were going to collaborate with her.

Recently, I have been practicing piano more and more, even going to far as to secure the scores to several standard concerti, trying to work them up.  It’s hard…I’ve been out of pianistic shape for years now, and often frustrating–but I feel it can only help me grow.

For those in the D.C. and Reno, Nevada areas:  I am playing with orchestras there at the end of September and in mid-October, and doing a meet&greet after the concerts.  For more information on those concerts, feel free to check out my schedule on my website.  I’m very excited, as my website will be undergoing some renovation in the near future, complete with links, pictures, and video from concerts!  Stay tuned for news… :)

I hope everyone is having a productive and safe September, and best wishes!


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