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Springtime, finally!

Wednesday, May 30th, 2007

Finally, the weather in Cleveland has changed for the better:  after six months of arctic temperatures, constant slush and cloudy skies, the temperatures are up (albeit a bit chilly), the sun is shining, and outdoor activity has picked up.  As I return to my apartment, my neighbors are always on their balconies, enjoying the balmy weather.  All I can say is:  FINALLY!  :)

The last 6 weeks have been a bit of a record for me.  Since mid March, I have performed Bruch Scottish Fantasy, Brahms Violin Concerto, and the Fein Violin Concerto;  sonatas by Mozart, Brahms, Grieg, and Franck;  and showpieces with orchestra.  I have been in San Francisco, Bowling Green, Dallas, and Cleveland, and in the next two weeks, I have two Bach performances, bringing the total amount of concerts in 7 weeks to 12.  i was sick for three of these weeks–tonsilitis, strep, and the stomach virus are NO fun, and I’m still in school.  I want to spend the next two months curled up on the couch, watching cheesy movies and eating junk food, and let my violin go on vacation.

Last night, I worked with Kelly Corcoran–a young, charming conductor who will help head the Nashville Symphony in the fall–and the Heights Chamber Orchestra, an ensemble that has been playing in the Cleveland area now for 24 years.  They are enthusiastic and gracious, and in playing Serenade Melancolique and Havanaise with them, it was certainly a memorable evening.  Last Wednesday, I played my senior recital at the Cleveland Institute of Music.  After first playing on the Kulas stage at age nine in the prep orchestra, I’m leaving the school at 21, and have some pretty amazing memories to take with me.  Also of note were the dinners following both concerts:  a party of about 18 went to my favorite Chinese restaurant in Cleveland, including some family that drove in from Virginia to attend.  Last night, a former teacher, her boyfriend, and my best friend went to a tavern to celebrate the end of a chaotic week.  The terrific meals following concerts are sometimes more memorable than the concerts!

Today I must sleep, think about replacing my ancient phone, and do some (much needed) spring cleaning.  I’m going to also find a few notes on the Beethoven concerto, and prepare for that study–definitely a daunting task that I am looking forward to.  I hope everyone is starting to enjoy the outdoors, and I’m certainly looking forward to a lazy month of June!!   :)

*Note:  now that this site has attracted numbers in the tens of thousands, I will begin posting notices of other types of concerts (rock, Broadway, etc), that I have seen and strongly recommend.  More on that later!*